The extra one

I was actually summoned to a different world where sword and magic dominate over technology.

However, there was a problem, one that completely killed my excitement of getting summoned like in novels and comics. It was the fact that I was an unwanted factor. You were summoned only because of an error in the ritual, or so I was told and sent back.

I wasn’t confident I could fight against imperial knights—it was an otherworld so they could’ve pulled out some kind of magic and beat my ass—nor did I want to embarrass myself in front of the three “heroes” who were actually just my schoolmates in high school, so I quietly accepted it with a sigh. Thus, I was put back into the magic circle and transported home.

Home was where I was supposed to arrive at, but instead, I appeared inside a library-like building.

“What now . . .”

I couldn’t help but sigh from the bottom of my heart. It would be an even bigger joke if I got lost to a random dimension on my way being sent back home from a false hero summon. The three “heroes” already laughed at me once, so no way in hell I would want to be made fun of again.


“Huh? Ah, hello . . . this place is . . . ?”

When I was complaining to myself while looking around, a young lady in casual clothing came into the spacious through a very normal-looking wooden door. That door looked almost out of place compared to this vast and luxurious library-like design of the room.

The lady greeted me from afar then walked to the center of the room where a round-shaped reception counter was—the middle of the counter is empty for a staff to stand inside. Standing in the center of the counter, she smiled towards me.

“Welcome to The Center.”

“The . . . what?”

“The Center. I’m Leah, the only manager here.”

I don’t get it. What the heck is this place? I swear if it’s another false summon I’ll be pissed.

“Erm, I’m Edward . . . where exactly is this?”

“You’re here because of the previous error in world-travel.”

“You mean that time when I was summoned to a different world because of a mistake in the ritual?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

The woman didn’t show any intention of trying to make fun of me so I also relaxed my attitude a bit. She said it was because of that mistake that I turned up at this kind of place, but what did she mean exactly, I wonder?

“So what kind of business do I have here?”

“It’s kind of a . . . compensation, I guess you can say?”

“Umm . . . compensation?”

“Yes, compensation. Since you’ve missed a chance to travel cross-worlds due to a random mistake, I can now provide you a make up chance for that.”

“Wait, that means I can still go to a parallel world? I don’t have to go home?”

I suddenly got really excited. It just showed how much I wanted to stay away from my life on Earth.

“That is correct. You can choose to go to any world of your choice. However, my recommendation would be the world you just left since it’s currently one of the best worlds with good life quality.”

I actually didn’t mind going back to that world, it was just that I wouldn’t be able to live very well without any advantage; I wasn’t born and raised there, after all. Those schoolmates of mine who became heroes, though, they probably received quite some unique abilities to fight demons. On top of that, they would also receive special treatment from that Kingdom, too.

“Well . . .”

Seeing me hesitating, the woman had a reassuring smile on her face.

“Don’t worry, you can take one thing in here with you, free of charge.”

“Eh? What kind of things are there?”

I turned my head and looked around. The room was like a storehouse of some sort with various stuffs neatly arranged on their respective shelves. There were books, weapons, potions, all sorts of fantasy-themed items.

“All kinds of things are in here, please take your time, walk around and find what you like the most.”

“. . . okay, then.”

As told, I began to walk around, looking at each item on the shelves. Every item had their usage written on a sheet of paper attached to that shelf. There was an elixir that could raise one’s Attack infinitely, but the person would die if any bit of damage was taken. A lot of stupid stuffs like that were lying around on the first few shelves I walked through, some of them were actually useful but I didn’t like them too much.

I spent hours walking around, looking at the usage of every item until I reached the very last shelf, something suddenly caught my eyes.

“There are still the upper floors with more shelves, by the way~”

The carefree voice of the reception woman resounded, but I didn’t really care about upper floors anymore because of this one specific item.

It was a weapon, and it wasn’t even some kind of crazy magic pistol or anything. The thing that I felt like I must have no matter what, was simply a longbow; a black-colored recurve longbow, to be precise. I can’t explain it really well, but it felt like the weapon was calling out to me. It could’ve been my hallucination, but I decided to trust my gut feeling and brought the bow back to the counter.

“Oh, interesting choice.”


I tilted my head in confusion. Could it be that this thing had some sort of special background?

“A lot of people tried to select this bow, but it rejected them so they had to switch to something else.”

“In other words . . .”

“It’s the kind of weapon that chooses its owner. The Excalibur was taken from here in the same manner.”

There’s that too, huh. If it’s so prideful that it chooses the user, then there must be tremendous powers behind it. Like how the Excalibur was called the strongest Holy Sword or something.

“So what’s special about this bow?”

Taking a look at it, one can only evaluate it as sturdier than regular longbows. It was pretty damn heavy for a longbow too, mainly because of the thickness of the handle and the size of the bow. This thing was probably designed for really long-ranged and powerful sniping. The only abnormal thing about it was the strange scary presence it emitted.

“Long ago, one of the Seven Ancient Dragons resigned from its throne and lived a peaceful life until the end of its lifetime. Knowing that its own powers were too overwhelming to be set free from its body, the dragon turned itself into a weapon and sealed off everything inside that weapon until a capable chosen one who can control it turn up and guard the weapon from being abused. Every one thousand years, it changes into a different weapon; last time it was a warhammer.”

Upon hearing that explantion, I had a feeling this thing was born for me. I’m an archer, I can show off the best of my abilities if it’s archery. It really was a blessing in disguise when it changed into a recurve longbow but not one of the 2 other types; I only like the recurve type.

“Well, that’s cool, but since it chose me, I can take it, right?”

“Seems like it actually did choose you. Then there’s no problem, you can now go to a different world of your choice with it. Which world would you prefer?”

“The one that I just got kicked out from is good enough.”

“Understood. Just a reminder, next time you come, things won’t be free of charge anymore, okay?”

“Wait, next time? I can return to this place and obtain more stuff?”

I was thinking it was such a shame that I could only choose one, some other items were really good, too. But it looks like I don’t really need to worry anymore.

“Yes, you can. Here’s your membership card, just pour magical power into it and you’ll be transferred automatically.”

She put a golden credit card on the counter and explained its usage. I gladly accepted it and put it into my pocket.

“Then what do you mean by items won’t be free of charge anymore?”

I understand that you can’t just get things for free; if you want it work for it, is the natural thing. However, I need to know what kind of currency or exchange unit would be used to obtain the items in here. There were so many things from those shelves that I wanted to have, and according to the lady, there would be more shelves on the upper floors, too.

“You can randomly earn Exchange Points by living your life. For example, working on a farm, killing monsters, obtaining a new harem member, etcetera. That membership card is your Exchange Points (EP) storage.”

“Ha ha . . . harem, you say . . .”

I naturally want to have a harem, but making it come true is a different problem. Whatever the case is, I’ll just try my best to build a peaceful and comfortable life for my own.

“Do you have any other question?”

“There’s no limit to how often can I come here, right?”

“That is correct.”

“Then I’ll come and ask questions if a problem comes up in the future.”

“Very well. Then I’ll send you back to Sintra, the previous world you were in.”

While saying so, the woman used a feather pen to write something on a record book. The moment her pen stopped, my field of vision got blurred out. When everything was clear again, I’ve already stood in the middle of a road surrounded by trees.

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