Chapter 9

Request Board

I opened my eyes as rays of morning sunlight pierced through the window and onto my face. Right beside me was Ilianne, still soundly fast asleep; she got really drunk last night that I had to carry her from the dining hall back to our room. Apparently, when I was at The Center, they threw a banquet celebrating Julianne’s return. From the look of it, Ilianne was forced to drink quite a bit; the moment I laid her down on the bed, she immediately snoozed off.

Her sleeping face was too cute I couldn’t resist but placing a kiss on her forehead.

“I’ll go take care of a few things, alright?”

“. . . don’t forget . . . break . . . fast . . . zZz . . .”

She opened her eyes for five seconds, said that to me and went right back to sleep peacefully.
Reluctant to leave, I stared at this adorable lady a bit more before getting up and exiting the room.

“Oh, Edward, where are you going?”

“Gonna go take care of some stuffs.”

Walking down the hallway, I ran into Julianne, a maid was pushing her wheelchair as usual; she probably was heading to the dining hall for breakfast.

By the way, it was decided that I would be given a mansion and a big piece of land once the country have recovered enough. It’d be weird for the Hero to keep lodging inside the royal castle like some kind of hotel so they decided to give me a mansion of my own. But that’s for the future, now I’m just going to focus on my current tasks.

“At least come have breakfast with us.”

“Well . . . sure.”

There was no reason to refuse so I went to the dining hall while chatting about nothing particularly meaningful with Julianne. I quickly finished my breakfast and left the castle.

I walked down the main street of Revel city towards one particular place I found interesting when I was carrying Julianne back.

“Here we are . . .”

Arriving at one corner of the city plaza, where the water fountain was being repaired, I looked at the black board standing before me. Incidentally, I was told they’d be building a statue of me in the middle of that water fountain. Well, I didn’t hate the idea, but I thought it was weird.

“O-Oh, it’s Sir Edward!!”

The moment one person noticed me approaching the black board, everyone began to get noisy and whispered to each other about what I was going to do next. Well, considering this black board’s purpose of existence, it was natural for them to start questioning.

This black board I was looking at was called The Request Board.

Normally, one would go to the Adventurer Guild to receive requests, but once a request of unpredictable level of danger popped up, they wouldn’t be able to just hand it out to adventurers. That’s why they made this Request Board and posted those requests on it. Only people who want to make a gamble and try out their luck would go on requests on this board, so they would always stack up and get abandoned like that.

I took a look at all the requests posted there and picked out 3 of them. One was an herb collection request, the other two were requests to clear certain dungeons that couldn’t be appraised fully.

At first I intended to receive work from the Guild, but when I heard about how these abandoned requests were stacking up and causing troubles here and there because nobody could take care of them, I decided to go for these instead. I mean, I saved this country from total defeat, I wouldn’t want to see it going down because of stupid reasons. That said, might as well go clear them and get rid of any potential problem.

I left the city and entered the western forest to start collecting the poisonous herb mentioned in the first request.

Now, why was I doing this? Simple, I wanted to earn a bunch more Exchange Points by killing especially dangerous monsters, or at least clearing dungeons of the same level of danger. Well, at least I hoped I would get more points that way. When I came to The Center last night, I had with me around 50 Exchange Points and it was more than enough to grab a bunch of Holy Water bottles, but I wanted to buy a whole lot more so I decided to go farm some more EP first, then I’d go back and purchase as many as I could. I figured stocking up this kind of rare stuff wouldn’t hurt.

The poisonous herbs were really easy to find, but because of its deadly poison that nobody dared to collect it even though it was actually one of the most important ingredients in creating the cure of a rare type of flu.

However, if it was me, I could deal with it quite easily by killing a random tiger-like monster I ran into and skinning it to create a makeshift pouch. Then, I coated the pouch with Dragonbow’s aura to avoid corrosion by the toxins. With that done, the only thing left for me to do was coating my hand with the same aura, collect the herbs, and wrap them up inside the pouch. I ended up collecting double the required amount.

Next, I went to one of the two dungeons I needed to clear, which was also inside that same forest. These two dungeons had been reported for spawning an excessive number of B-rank monsters—based on the standardized scale established by the Guild.

“It does look like an ominous place.”

I observed the interior of the underground cave I just entered while watching out for surprise-attacks from monsters. And what do you know, a couple of them actually jumped at me from the dark corners of the dungeon. Of course, that couldn’t possibly surprise my empowered senses as I quickly released a couple arrows and pin those monsters on the wall. Once they’ve gotten stuck like that, I simply needed to pierce their heads with even more arrows.

There was still a big piece of pelt left after making the pouch for poisonous herbs, so I used that to make a bigger bag and stored the proof of subjugation in there.

As I went deeper and deeper inside the dungeon, the monsters became a lot more dangerous. Before reaching the deepest end, I shot down 30 monsters with 2 of them being around A-rank. I received 900 EP from that, which was a really good thing to see. Incidentally, those B-rank monsters were only the ones staying inside the dungeon, many other ones had probably left long before I came. But even so, if I destroy the core of this dungeon, it shouldn’t spawn any monster again.

I also learned that each B-rank monster would give me 25 Exchange Points, while an A-rank would give 100, by regularly checking the golden credit card.

“Damn . . . this thing looks troublesome . . .”

At the heart of that dungeon, a giant red slime was resting. The moment it noticed me, it immediately took shape of a skeleton knight with a greatsword and dashed towards me. I dodged around to appraise its movements and came to a conclusion that it was an upper class A-rank monster; had it evolved a bit more it would’ve become S-rank.

Since it was a slime, physical attacks were useless, and since it could also shapeshift and smash you into goo, it was a really damn troublesome creature to deal with.

That’s why I tried out a new type of attack using Dragonbow.

I imagined a flame arrow and quickly pulled the string. A jet black arrow immediately materialized, but this time, its tip was clad with a blazing blue flame. The image I had in my head was a common red flame, but somehow when the arrow took shape, Dragonbow produced this blue flame instead. Not that I had anything to complain about, so I fired it at the slime anyway.

The monster actually looked down on my arrow and tried to dodge it in a lazy way, but unfortunately my arrow was soaring at almost supersonic speed. The skeleton knight failed to evade my attack as my arrow pierced into its shoulder. From there, it began to burn the slime until not even ashes were left behind; it was quite a scary flame, I must say.

Since it was an A-rank monster, +100 EP for me. I destroyed the dungeon’s core, which was an ugly jewel and went outside.

I was taking it easy, so by the time I got out of that first dungeon, the Sun had already reached its peak. I washed my face at a river nearby and headed towards the second dungeon I had to clear.

It was the same kind of underground cave flooded with B-rank monsters, but this time, a crap ton of C-rank monsters were wandering around the entrance. I hid in a corner, shot one down with Dragonbow and checked the golden credit card.

“10 points. Not that bad . . .”

Since I was inside of a dense forest, the foliage would get in the way of my arrow rain, and an explosive arrow is right out of questions; I didn’t want to cause forest fire. That said, I challenged myself to a little aim practice and shot down all the C-rank monsters one by one while not letting them notice my whereabouts.

Normally, it’d be mostly impossible due to mental stamina and limited vision being inside a forest. But it wasn’t that challenging when I had empowered senses thanks to my Dragonbow.

I kept hiding and sniping all 20 C-rank monsters wandering around the dungeon’s entrance and earned myself another 200 EP.

Inside the dungeon, all the common monsters were B-rank, except for a few unique individuals being A-rank. At the heart of the dungeon, there wasn’t a slime, but a giant skeleton with 6 arms and 2 skulls. Completely opposite with the slime, this guy was harder than steel, however, both of them were immuned to physical attacks. That said, I used the same method and pierced 2 blue flame-arrows through its skulls and burned it down to nothingness. After destroying the core to completely kill the dungeon, I left while receiving another 1000 EP.

Completing 3 requests from the Request Board, I earned a total of 2,200 Exchange Points for myself. I’m definitely going to blow some mad money at The Center tonight.

I returned to the City of Revel just before late noon. When I turned in the 3 requests at the Guild, the Guild Master himself came out from his office and thanked me. According to him, these 3 were actually the most headaching among the Black Board requests. They couldn’t gather enough information to form parties to work on them, but since I had already taken care of those 3 requests the Guild was more than thankful enough. As the result, they paid me almost double the promised reward.

As I left the Guild’s building, a pouch packed with gold coins jingled my way home; I really wish some foolish thieves would attack me, but I guess there was a limit to stupidity after all . . . or was there? Not too sure, but I dare anyone to come and attack me for the money!

Along the way, I casually flipped gold coins to vagabonds here and there. I didn’t even care if some of them were just faking or scamming, since most of them were real homeless people, anyway. It sure felt nice being rich, though.

“Now that I’ve gotten my hands on a pretty decent amount of EP, let’s go do some mad spending!”

I entered the royal castle while mumbling bullcrap to myself.

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