Chapter 6

First Princess

Even though it was night time, the capital city of Rivell wasn’t getting any rest. Because of the chaos all over the country, their vigilance was even higher than usual. Despite all the troubles, the imperial capital still haven’t fallen into disorder as it was peacefully quiet inside the city at night.

However, when their nerves were all on edge like that, it actually became easier for me to mess with them.

From a distance, I fired an arrow at the rampart and made that arrow explode. It was quite a huge explosion that it poked a hole on their defensive wall. Immediately, soldiers from everywhere gathered with their eyes bloodshot. Watching them fall into panic was somewhat amusing, but I had a job to do so I ran towards the opposite direction of the explosion and successfully infiltrated.

From there, I headed straight to the only castle standing in the middle of the city. There were guards so I couldn’t just run in, well, I could but only when I was alone. If I attracted to much attention there and made them call out another summoned hero they had been hiding up their sleeves, it’d become troublesome. The best scenario was to take the princess out unnoticed.

I hid behind a tree from a distance and used my empowered vision to observe the layers of guards. Looked like they were having a lot of night-watch archers surverying the ground from high above so I would have to take those out first.

Pulling the string of my Dragonbow, a black arrow, which blended into the night, soared through the empty night sky then pierced the throat of an archer before disappearing. I killed a couple more of those archers who I deemed could potentially spot me sneaking in then proceeded to shoot down the guards on the ground. I hid their bodies then quietly infiltrated the castle.

Don’t ask me where did I get all these spying skills from, I really don’t want to remind myself about it.

Once I’ve gotten in, I ran around trying to find Anartia’s first princess’ room, but the architecture of that castle was way too different to Anartia royal castle that I got a little bit confused. But luckily, I spotted a young woman walking through the hallway half-asleep. I captured and threatened her and got some useful information out of her. Before leaving, I knocked her unconscious and left her inside a servant room nearby.

Having known about where to go, I advanced through the gloomy hallways and arrived at a certain room. The door looked completely ordinary, to the point one would mistaken it for a room for maids but not the wife of the crowned prince.

(So this side also treated her like a political tool, huh . . .)

That thought crossed my mind upon seeing this humble room. At first, I assumed that Rivell’s crowned prince also yearned for her beauty or something, but considering the fact that she’s a disabled person with a weak body . . . I guess I was too conceited. As expected, I wasn’t really cut out for dealing with politics.

“Let’s come in then . . .”

Without knocking, I quietly broke the lock and pushed the door.


Behind the door was a simple room with a single bed and some furniture of bare minimum necessity for daily life. And on that single bed, the figure of a young maiden bathed in moonlight, sitting while looking out the window could be seen. She turned towards me when she heard the door being opened.

“Evening. Are you . . . Julianne Julie Anartia?”

“I . . . am. You are . . . ?”

“A mercenary, from Anartia.”

“So, my father . . .”

“Correct. You’re going home.”

Her face was mostly worries, but glimpses of joy couldn’t escape my eyes. Her facial features really did resemble Ilianne, but you’d get more of a grown-up woman kind of feeling from her.

“I heard about what happened in Anartia, but . . .”

“Aaah forget about the troublesome bullshit. Just answer, you wanna go home or no?”

Talking about it reminded me of how much a headache that public meeting was so I cut to the chase and evaded the painful topic. Part of me knew we were running out of time too, since people were going to find out about the dead archers and guards sooner or later. I sure as hell hoped it would be the latter because from then on were the difficult part. Getting into problems aren’t hard, but getting out of them will always be a huge ache in the butthole.

“. . . yes, yes I do.”

“Good, now put this bracelet on.”

“Okay, but . . . my body is . . .”

“Rather than that, how about you put your concern on the possibility of me being a scumbag trying to trick you?”

I mean, I was suspicious as hell. Imagine a random guy sneaking into your room in the middle of the night, telling you he’s a mercenary sent by your father to rescue you, the most common reaction would be something like, Anyone!? There’s a creep in my room!! Help!!, right?

“Haha, I may have a useless body, but I’m always confident about my instincts.”

Julianne obediently put on the necklace while smiling confidently. I wasn’t too sure about what she called her instincts, but if she had so much trust in it then I didn’t have any reason to deny it.

“Are you feeling alright?”

“Y-Yes . . . somehow, I feel like having a little more strength to my body . . .”

A little surprised about the effect of that emerald necklace I gave her, Julianne made a curious face while staring at the emerald pendant. Her overall facial complexion looked just a touch healthier than earlier but it was sufficient enough.

“Now we need to open a way out.”

Since the window of her room faced the opposite side of where I came from, I decided to send another explosive arrow out and caused another false alarm among the Rivell soldiers. This time, though, I thought I’d need them to panic even harder than earlier so I shot a second explosive arrow out there and blew up a different spot.

When they began to gather at the spots where the explosions took place, I carried Julianne on my back because she couldn’t stand on her legs and quickly proceeded to leave the castle. Those two explosions I created were pretty far away with a not-so-big scale so they didn’t wake everyone in the castle up. Taking advantage of that, I left the place without having any need to knock anyone out.

Having safely exited the royal castle of Rivell Kingdom, I let Julianne sit on the ground, leaning against a tree while I turned around and sent a couple more arrows towards the sky above their castle. I made those arrows exploded with a bigger scale to distract them even more then took Julianne with me and ran away.

Thus, we escaped without being noticed; and I sure hope they enjoyed the fireworks.


* * *


“Are you sure you don’t need to eat lunch?”

Julianne stopped her spoon while looking at me as I stood watching around our surrounding.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“But after running that fast for hours nonstop, maybe you should—”

“No, really, I’m okay. Just store up energy for your body, we still have a long way to run.”

The packed lunch Ilianne gave me was enough for lunch and dinner, but since I skipped dinner yesterday, I had an extra meal for Julianne as today’s lunch. The food completely lost its warmth, but at least it was better than not having any food at all. Julianne also seemed to understand that as she ate the cold meal without complaining.

“Okay, then . . . if you say so . . .”

We had been hiding inside a forest near Rivell’s national border to let Julianne have lunch, and it was about time we leave this country.

While carrying Julianne with me, I wouldn’t be able to dash full speed and cross the border like how I did when I got in anymore, so I decided to clean up our escape route a bit by firing a couple arrows at the ramparts and poked yet another big hole through it.

While the dust still hasn’t cleared up, I took Julianne out of Rivell Kingdom and ran straight towards Anartia with immense speed. Naturally, it wasn’t my maximum speed since it would more or less be too big a shock to her body even with the necklace on.

“Do you want me to slow down?”

“No, I’m okay! It’s best not letting them catch up; I can endure it!”

“. . . speaks of the devil.”

Sensing the presence of a pursuit unit running right behind us while maintaining a steady distance, I turned my head around and saw a group of knights riding some sort of red horses. Those horses weren’t normal at all, they were wicked fast; I wonder what kind of horses were those.

Judging by how they were keeping a distance from us, they probably intended to wear me down and hunt me when I finally stop to take a break.
Of course, I could just keep running and outspeed them, but I had Julianne with me so I decided to stop my feet and turned around to face them.

“It’s okay, you can hand me back to them and find a way to run. I’m sure you can easily get out of the situation without having to carry me with you.”

“No thank you, you’re a living woman, not a pack of tradable goods. Just sit down right here and watch.”

I put Julianne on the ground and pulled the string of my Dragonbow, pointing the arrow at the incredibly fast group of knights that were quickly approaching. With my empowered vision, I could see that they laughed at me because of a couple hundreds of meter distance between us; they probably thought it would be impossible to fire an arrow accurately like this.

Well, they were wrong. Dead wrong, literally.

As two knights leading the group got their throats pierced by an arrow each, they fell off the horse and collided with their companions. At that moment, both arrow exploded and blew their whole group up in one go.

“Hmph! Looks like they haven’t given up yet . . .”

Snorting, I directed a smirk towards a different direction where a lot of shadowy figures were sneakily approaching us. Once they’ve noticed that I saw them, they abandoned the original plan and out right dashed towards us with swords and daggers all ready to murder.

But even before they could close in, I already fired two arrows towards the sky, which split into a deadly barrage of arrows after one second and rained downwards.

Each member of that big group of assassins stayed pretty far away from each other so it was not smart to try blowing them up in an explosion or shooting down each and every one of them; they were also wicked fast, even faster than those red horses. That’s why I chose the arrow rain, and it worked out nicely.

Fourteen out of fifteen assassins were eliminated under the rain of superspeed arrows. The last one was lucky enough to survive so I just simply sent an arrow through his skull and finished them off.

Julianne blankly stared at me and my Dragonbow as all the black arrows dispersed into thin air.

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