Chapter 5


Despite not being forced to wear embarrassing clothes, the public meeting was still a huge pain in the butt for me. People were cheering and whispering to each other about how their Hero blasted through the enemy army with a relic-class longbow, or something along those lines. Those kinds of thing, I just couldn’t get used to hearing them.

But that wasn’t the only event, or at least wasn’t the most noisy one.

Right after the showcasing the, supposedly, Hero to the residents of Anartia, a public execution of Rivell King—Paul W. Rivell—was carried out. The guy was charged with many evil crimes that not even Ilianne knew of; looked like the higher-ups in Anartia weren’t very happy with what old man Paul did.

Then about Andrew, he escaped. Anartia tried to imprison him, but he was too strong for them. The King did come to me and asked for my opinion on the matter, but I told him to let Andrew go. No no, don’t get me wrong, this would be his first and last chance ever; next time I see him pulling something funny near me I’ll send an arrow through his skull.

On that same topic about Andrew, it seemed like he knew The Center, too. That could be good and bad news. Good because I knew where he would come to seek more power, and bad because he might be able to grab good items from Leah.

That said, I really had to start earning EP so I could go obtain some good stuff at The Center. The more quickly I become stronger, the more easily it would be for me to deal with people like Andrew. While I was at it, I took a quick look at the golden credit card I got from Leah.
There were some carvings on it, my name and the amount of EP I had. Though, I had no idea how those numbers work; would the carvings actually change whenever I obtained more EP? I made a mental note to test it out when I have the chance to.

After all that have been said and done, news about the Kingdom of Rivell falling into chaos spread about everywhere, but since I wasn’t the one dealing with politics and such, I only looked at necessary information and set the matter to the side. Suddenly, I recalled something to mind so I came to see old man Luke—Anartia King and Ilianne’s father.

“So what’s your business today, young man?”

My voice carried a lot of weight within Anartia, so I could freely walk around the royal castle like my backyard. That’s why coming to see the King so casually wasn’t a big deal at all.

“I just wanna ask you if you want your other daughter back, now that Rivell have fallen.”

“. . .”

Once again, both the King and the Queen of Anartia blankly stared at me. Yo, don’t tell me these guys never even considered the idea? No, that’s not it, they’re not that kind of irresponsible parents; they just probably never thought there would be someone willing to go take their daughter back from the ruins of that country.

After a short while, the King opened his mouth.

“That place has fallen into chaos, but the royal family is probably still there and trying to calm things down. I find it dangerous to . . .”

She was married to the crowned prince of Rivell to maintain the relationship between two countries, but since Rivell King already threw everything off, I figured it would be perfectly fine for our side to go fuck with them, too.

“I’d consider it a training ground for me. If I die, then I’m just another reckless youngster, and Ilianne can be freed from the vow if that’s actually a thing. But if I win and manage to get out of there, the first princess will be the one coming home with me. Of course, I didn’t mean it as taking her for myself.”

“. . . very well. If you have the goodwill to offer me assistance in this matter, I’ll leave my daughter in your care.”

I may or may not have decided this solely based on my selfishness of wanting to clear up the cloud in my heart a little bit, but I never thought it was a bad choice to help out. I’d be earning Exchange Points for my purposes during the process, anyway. That reminds me, the number of points I saw on the golden credit card was 40 EP and that was it . . . even though I killed so many of those Rivell soldiers. I guess there’s no use whining, I’ll just have to kill more.

Thus, I borrowed a map from the Knight Captain, had him tell me about directions and left the royal castle after informing Ilianne of my temporary leave.


* * *


Leaving the imperial capital, I made the best use of my empowered speed and ran north; keep maintaining this speed and I’d arrive at Rivell Kingdom before sunset. It was good timing actually, since I needed to take the princess out of there during midnight. Of course, there was a reason behind that.

Before leaving, I already asked her father if there was something I should be aware of beforehand, and he told me she has a really weak constitution. On top of that, she’s a disabled person, she wouldn’t be able to use her legs so I must be careful.

The moment I became aware of all that, I had an Ahh moment.
It was precisely the reason why she was used as a political tool. Her parents weren’t that kind of people, but I guess she insisted on sacrificing herself. But in any case, it didn’t matter anymore, since I was going to bring her back to her parents anyway.

While running, I shot down a couple strange looking creatures with my Dragonbow and found out that one of them gave 5 Exchange Points and the rest gave me 3 EP each. Since it was convenient, I kept shooting down many more monsters along the way until I was completely outside of Anartia’s territory.

What lies between Anartia and Rivell was a fairly deserted empty land with little vegetation life. For that reason, not many monsters or wild animals could be seen walking about, thus I had to put my hunt for Exchange Points on hold and focused in running. The number of EP shown on the golden credit card was 53.

When the Sun reached its peak, I stopped at a giant cactus and borrowed its shade to have lunch. When I came to inform Ilianne, she made me stay for a bit and had the servants prepare a quick packed lunch for travelers. It was only a simple meal, but I’ve never been picky so it tasted delicious.

“Hm . . . should I go see what can I buy?”

Finishing up my lunch, I took out the golden credit card and poured magical power into it. Every time I fired an arrow using the Dragonbow, it pulled out a bit of my magical power so I became able to comprehend the flow of magical power.

“Welcome back~”

Before I even realized, I was already standing in the middle of that library-like lobby with Leah being at the counter.

“Hello. I came to see what can I afford with 53 EP.”

“The first three or four shelves on each floor are around that price.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

I walked towards the shelves Leah pointed at and quickly took a look at the item list on each shelf.

“Oh? This thing . . .”

Skimming through the list, I found a necklace with an emerald pendant that looked to be something useful.

《Emerald Necklace》
Gives a small boost to the wearer’s body vitality.
35 Exchange Points.

That was the description of the item. Honestly, 35 EP wasn’t too bad a price; if I go hunt stronger monsters I might be able to earn that back quite easily. And considering how weak the first princess’ body may turn out to be, this thing should help, even though not by that much.

“I’ll take this one with me.”

Returning to the counter, I gave the golden credit card to Leah while saying so. She accepted the card and cast magic on it, then returned it back to me.

“Thank you for your purchase. You now have 18 EP left.”

“Actually, I have a question.”

“Yes, I’ll gladly answer any of your questions.”

“Hm? Anything?”


“Then what are your measurements?”


“. . .”

I legitimately felt like an idiot.
That question was completely a joke, I thought I’d mess around a little bit, but she answered so casually with a playful smile so I was struck dumbfounded. Only when Leah the reception lady let out an amused giggle did I come back to my senses.

“Ack . . . well, I’m sorry. A ha ha . . .”

“It’s okay~”

“Anyway, my real question is, how come I obtained so few points after killing a lot of soldiers?”

“Regarding that matter, didn’t you already receive a worldly vow from the Princess as the reward for your agreement?”

“Oh . . . wait, you know what happened?”

“We do monitor different dimensions from here.”


“I do have assistants helping me out with work, they just don’t show up in here.”

“I see. I understand now. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Also, this time you won’t experience a time skip like last time anymore, so don’t worry about leaping over a lot of years in your world.”

Bidding farewell to Leah, I returned to Sintra—the world I was currently living in—using the exact same way I came here. Without the need to rest any longer, I continued my trip to Rivell.

By the time I reached the border of Rivell, the sky had already turned red.

“It really is pretty chaotic, huh.”

At the border, there were only battles between even more battles. Looked like a third party tried to take advantage of the chaos and attacked. But even so, Rivell soldiers stationed at the border were doing pretty well repelling them, although they were at a slight disadvantage.

It was a chance for me to sneak in, so there wasn’t any reason to make a ruckus. With that thought in mind, I looked for a narrow path between battlefields and ran straight through with my empowered speed. Like a gust of wind, I ran past them without being noticed, partly because they were fighting each other pretty wholeheartedly.

Jumping over the ramparts, I shot down a couple guards who saw me landing with Dragonbow and continued running deeper into the country. Naturally, whenever I was seen by a soldier, I sent a black arrow through his heart and maintained my one man march through enemy territory.

By the time the Sun had complete sunk below the horizon, I reached the imperial capital of Rivell Kingdom.

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