Chapter 3

Early reunion

Obviously aware of me being the guy who had been destroying their troops, the Rivell soldiers guarding the entrance into Anartia’s royal castle were highly anxious. Sweats broke from their forehead as if they were showering in the rain.

“Is that really the guy who killed General Voll with a single arrow?”

“I-I think it’s him. If not then how the hell could he even get here, in the first place!”

Listening to their secret whispers using my empowered hearing, I could easily tell that they were talking about that man whom I sniped earlier.

“Alright, gentlemen. I give you two options; make way or die. Please choose wisely.”

Casually dropping that line, I pulled the string of Dragonbow and materialized a jet-black arrow. Ilianne’s eyes were fixed on that scene as she stared at it from right beside me. Her childishly curious facial expression was cute, too.
Even though she hasn’t been saying a single word since we entered the city, I could still see anxiety showing on her face. Noticing that, I decided to rush the matter a bit more.

“I-I’m sorry captain!”

Some Rivell soldiers began to flee, some stayed strong and some still hesitating.

“I assume the rest of you won’t make way, so please die.”

I didn’t want to make Ilianne wait any longer, so I quickly steeled up myself and let go of the arrow. It pierced through a couple soldiers and finally got stuck into the chest of a guy in the middle. Not stopping there, I fired a second arrow in the same manner.

Then of course, both of them exploded and wiped out all of our obstacles.

However, two more groups of troops began to rush towards us from both sides. I turned to the left, pierced an arrow into their leader’s skull and turned around to the right to pierce another arrow into the brain of the other leader. Both of them exploded at the same time, bringing with them their whole unit.

It wasn’t that they were stupid just charging in and die, but my arrows were just too fast they couldn’t even see it coming before getting pierced by it. And once they had been pierced, it became their end because of the explosion.

Entering the castle, I had Ilianne instruct me on where to go. She said Rivell King and the big-shots of the invading force might be inside the throne room because they needed to take over the supreme seat of Anartia and absorb the country by overthrowing the current King, Ilianne’s father. That’s why we only had to go straight to the throne room and defeat the head of their army there in order to regain Anartia’s standing.

On our way to the throne room, layers and layers of Rivell soldiers came attacking without rest. However, they were all pawns-level of troops without any unique capabilities so I easily wiped them out by sending out explosive arrows. Sorry if I fucked up the interior of the castle with my explosions, but it was easier to clear the path by doing so.

We then reached the main lobby, often used for night parties as the dancing hall for nobles and the likes, where all almost all Anartia servants were kept. The place was heavily guarded by a lot of Rivell soldiers and magicians, and they weren’t lumped together in a group like the ones I wiped out so it was impossible to blow them up. I would also injure the servants if I had done so.

“Hm? Oh don’t worry, I’ll save them, too.”

Looking to the side, I was met with Ilianne’s anxious eyes. She must’ve wanted to ask me to help those servants, but couldn’t directly ask, it seemed.

“T-Thank you . . .”

“Well, I’m not a demon, so next time you want something, speak up.”

” . . . o-okay.”

I guess I scared her with my unending mass murder using these explosive black arrows which came out of nowhere. I didn’t feel any regret, though; as I said earlier, it was the most effective way to quickly clear away all the obstacles. If we hesitated too much, we wouldn’t make it in time to save her parents—the royal family—from any potential danger; they were in the hands of enemies, after all.

Not even care to hide, I blew up the doors from where we had been peeping inside and fired off an arrow that split into a cone-shaped spread barrage of ten arrows. Since the initial black arrow wasn’t exactly a type of physical material, the scattered arrows didn’t lose any momentum and pierced through a bunch of guards in the hall and dispersed into thin air right after.

When 10 of them suddenly collapsed with their hearts all pierced, the rest of the guards began to launch a panic attack towards me and Ilianne. It was actually really good that way.

When all the melee combatants charged towards me, I abruptly pointed the bow at the ceiling, which caused all of them to react instinctively and looked up at the ceiling, too. Capitalizing that chance, I materialized an arrow and shot it at the ceiling. The moment that arrow hit the solid surface above, it ricocheted downwards while scattering into a rain of arrows.

Screams could be heard resounding the lobby. The group of soldiers that charged at us, each had a black arrow stabbed into their skull; some of them were actually pierced down the throat.

As silence wrapped up the hall filled with people, the black arrows disappeared, leaving behind a pool of blood.


I raised the Dragonbow again, pointed it at a Rivell magician standing at a distance.


As I counted, another black arrow materialized. Seeing that, the magician quickly threw his staff and began running while screaming; some other Rivell magicians also ran with him after dropping their weapons. However, a few of them stayed behind and aggressively fired magic at me.

“Three. Time’s up.”

I shot an arrow through a fireball that was flying towards me and dispersed it; the arrow then pierced the magician behind the fireball. I turned around and continuously shot down the rest of the remaining Rivell magicians with incredible speed. They all became dead bodies even before they could react to the arrows flying at them.

“P-Princess, are you okay!?”

Once we’ve freed all the servants from their restraints, they showed great concern towards the safety of Ilianne. Looked like she was well adored by her subordinates.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“I don’t think there’s time to chat.”

“You’re right!”

She hurriedly followed me to the stairs after giving some reassuring words to the servants. We ran upstairs and headed towards the throne room at the heart of the royal castle.

Naturally, Rivell troops would pop up from every direction to try and stop us, but I wiped them out before they could even group up with other branches of reinforcement. These guys, however, were much stronger than the common soldiers we had come into up until that point. They were way more well-organized and calm, they also had a lot of talented magicians on their side, but I shot down all of them using pure speed combined with destructive power.

I then realized how scary the Dragonbow was; its endless war potentials were no joke.

We reached a magnificent door with all sorts of fancy carvings on it. I didn’t even have to ask to know that it was the door into the throne room so I immediately tried to open it, but someone locked it from the inside so I pulled the string on my bow and blow the huge door away.

“Damn, took three arrows just for that. What kind of absurd magic did they cast on the door?”

“Probably, it was a three layer seal.”

“More importantly, are you alright? You look pale.”

“I-I’m fine. Please don’t worry about me!”

It had sure been a really rough day for her. Maybe not just rough, but a crazy day. Her country suddenly got invaded and her family suddenly got captured, leaving her alone on the run with some bodyguard-knights. Given that kind of situation, I guess any 18, 19 year old princess would become emotionally unstable. Ilianne was already really exceptional in terms of not going mad.

“Hey! Who’s there!”

A rough and forceful voice rang out towards us from inside the throne room. Challenging the owner of the voice head-one, I grandly walked into the room with Ilianne on my side. Of course, the Dragonbow was always in my left hand.


“Ilianne what are you doing here!?”

Inside the throne room, a group of people were tied up and restrained with shackles. The pair of one man and one woman that just called out to Ilianne was the King and the Queen; the rest of them looked to be the aristocrats.

The shackled aristocrats had angry expressions on their faces as they looked at a few other Anartia aristocrats that weren’t restrained. Those were probably traitors since they stood on the side of the people from Rivell. The real Anartia aristocrats were probably pissed because they didn’t think they would lose to these traitors despite knowing their true colors beforehand.

“Father! Mother! You’re okay!!”

“They won’t kill us right away, but rather than that you should be running right now!”

“That just means they’ll kill you later! And my group already got annihilated by a bandit corps! This person here saved me and the last 3 knights!”

Ilianne pointed at me while shouting out towards her parents. I quickly nodded at them and turned my eyes towards a different problem that I didn’t think would pop up that early.

“Been a while, hasn’t it? Andrew.”

“Haha . . . true. It’s been three years, Edward.”

So that little bit of time I spent in The Center actually equalled to three years in this world, huh.

Yup, I knew a couple faces inside that room. The King of Rivell Kingdom, the Chief Commander of Rivell Army, and Andrew Anderson—one of my 3 schoolmates who were summoned to become heroes. The Kingdom that sent me away was Rivell all along.

This is actually great. I can get my early revenge, eh?

“Edward? Is that your name?”


I answered Ilianne without breaking eye contact with Andrew.

“Do you know that person?”

“We went to the same school.”

“T-That means he’s as strong as you?”

“We’re about to find out, LIKE THIS!!”

I fired an absurdly fast arrow, aiming straight at Andrew’s forehead; the arrow soared through the air so fast that a big gust of wind was created.


The sound of something metalic collided with a solid object resounded.

When I looked, my black arrow was stabbed into the floor, slowly dispersing away. And in Andrew’s right hand was a dazzling greatsword that gave off a holy feeling. The sword was huge, but he wielded it without problem, heck, he even deflect my almost sonic fast arrow. That greatsword must’ve been what he used to overwhelm Anartia’s defense forces.

“Rude. That wasn’t how you’re supposed to greet your former classmate.”

Not saying anything, I shot another arrow at the ceiling directly above his head. It ricocheted and spread into a barrage of arrows raining down; it was the same technique I used earlier.

Noticing that, Andrew stabbed his greatsword into the floor and a semi-spherical field of energy emerged, protecting him from all the arrows.

“I see, this will be fun.”

Smirking at Andrew, I got into a stance and pulled the string of my Dragonbow.

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