Chapter 16

Kaine Lake

Magnificently standing before me at the moment, was our mansion. Honestly, it looked more like a palace than a mansion. The architecture had a similar design to your typical noble mansions back in medieval times in Europe with a huge frontyard garden and an empty backyard.

When we arrived at the gate, two guards were already there saluting us then opened the the gate. Of course I was the only one with the privilege to hold the princesses’ hands, helping them ascend the carriage.

“Ah~ I haven’t been here since forever!”

“I know right? Grandpa took us here once and I think that was it.”

The girls each held one of my arms and let me lead them through the gate.

Upon entering the frontyard garden, the figures of several servants could be seen working on cleaning the yard or trimming the plants.
The closer I got to our mansion, the more magnificent it looked. I couldn’t help but holding my breaths a little.

“So, do you like it?”

From my right, Julianne raised a question with a bright expression; she looked like she really enjoyed moving out like this. In her case, maybe I could understand why, but I wouldn’t assume anything.

“I love it. This place is perfect.”

“The main bedroom is a lot bigger and there’s also a grand bathroom, too!”

Ilianne who was holding my left arm seemed really excited also … but at one point she turned a bit quiet with a slightly red face. I wonder what was going on inside this girl’s head hahaha. I just hope whatever wild fantasies she was having won’t fly too far.

As suggested by the girls, we went straight into the grand bath since it was pretty late in the afternoon; it was a good time to take a bath.

“Whoaa . . .”

“Whoaa . . .”

These two really are sisters. It was almost hilarious to see how they made the exact same face, said the exact same thing, and at the exact same time. They weren’t twin, but they got along well, and that’s what matters.

“I’m terribly sorry but … I’m afraid hot water can’t be prepared right away …”

A servant who was following us raised his voice with a bow; his attitude was very professional.

“Don’t worry about that, I can take care of it.”

I could easily use magic to heat the water up, so there was no problem there. And in case we didn’t have enough water, I still had the water stones with me.

“We should be good by ourselves, so you can go back to doing other work you have.”

“Then, please excuse me.”

The servant bowed towards Julianne, who gave the order, and left the grand bathroom, leaving just the three of us inside.

“Let’s prepare some water, then.”

I walked towards a lever near the bathing pool, pulled it down to activate the water pump which was actually a magic tool that tempers with the movements of water currents. Once water has started coming out from the pipe right next to that lever, I left it there to fill the bathing pool up while walking around with the girls.

“They even prepared Ilia’s favorite soap.”

“Everlade Rose huh … romantic aren’t you?”

Everlade Rose is a kind of flower that grows only within the Everlade Woods, which is the home of High Elves in the far western part of the continent. Since humans do have some sort of commercial relationship with the elves, they import various products from the Everlade. This type of rose is one of them.

“Uu … what’s wrong with it!?”

“Ahaha, nothing’s wrong. I just thought, ahh this is really something Ilianne would choose.”

“… is that a good thing or are you just bullying me?”

“Of course it’s good~”

I petted her while saying so. Yeah, she’s cute.

“Can you two not just leave me out of your world … ?”

“No no no, I do remember you loving this Everlade Lily smell over here.”

I pointed at a specific set of soap and shampoo on the shelf. I knew their unique body scent well enough to instantly recognize what they would use in the bath … well, I usually entered the bath with them, anyway.


Julianne threw a mini-tantrum, but when I was done preparing hot water using a simple magic spell, I stripped her and carried her into the bathing pool exactly how one would carry a princess.

“Hey! Put me down!”



From behind us, Ilianne laughed at how spoiled her sister could behave and soaked herself into the hot bath at one corner. Seeing that she didn’t particularly mind whatever I was going to do to her big sister, I carried Julianne into the hot bath and put her down.

When she intended to push me away, I seized her arms and embraced her from behind.

“I said, let me go!”

“And I said nope.”

Just like that I pushed her against the wall, nibbled on her neck and groped her plump butt cheek.

“Wh-What are you doing, you pervert!”

“… uhh.”

“What … ?”

“Are you perhaps … into forceful——”

“NO! What the heck!?”

“Ahaha, here, what’s this?”

I slipped my hand into the small gap between her legs.


Julianne’s face turned burning red in an instant. Looked like I hit the bullseye.

“Gehehe, the first princess of this country is wet from being forced, huh …”

She began to vigorously struggle when I whispered so into her ear.


In that posture of pushing her against the wall, I forcefully made love to Julianne from behind. When we were done, Ilianne was a little bit in heat from seeing us so I took good care of her, too.


* * *


“… don’t get any wrong idea …”

Submerged into the hot bath, Julianne murmured something while leaning against me from the right in my embrace.


“I said, don’t get the wrong idea! It was like that because you were the one forcing me!!”

“I know.”

When I answered with the most confident face ever, Julianne sulked and buried her face back into my neck.

“Haha … thanks~”

Ilianne whispered so into my left ear while soaking herself into the pleasant sensation of both the hot bath and the aftertaste of what we did earlier.


“Julia wasn’t this cheerful and lively before you came.”

“Oh, I see.”

At one point, there was the voice of a servant from outside announcing us about dinner would be ready soon so we didn’t intend to stay too long in the grand bathroom.

“By the way, let’s go to Kaine Lake tomorrow.”


Julianne who went limp just a little while ago instantly regained her vigor. Before leaving the grand bath, we talked about what kind of preparations we should make for our picnic at Kaine Lake tomorrow. It was one of the many great sightseeing spots in Anartia that we decided on last time. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first and last picnic ever, we agreed to break it down to many small trips rather than going out to see all of them in one long trip.

The chef that prepared our dinner was a famous chef among the staffs inside the castle, so we had a terrific meal with all sorts of gourmet food.

After dinner, we spent some time together studying the grimoire on water magic I bought for Ilianne last time.

At night, Julianne was exhausted from what I did to her in the grand bath so she fell straight asleep the moment she got on the bed. But since Ilianne was still fidgety, I spent the night satisfying her appetite and fell asleep holding both of them in my arms.

Tomorrow would be a day just for the three of us.


* * *


When I woke up, I found myself alone on the giant bed inside the main bedroom of the mansion. For a split second, I had a strange twist in my sense of reality and I thought the two princesses of Anartia was just the products of my imagination all along … until someone pushed the door open from outside.

That slender figure slowly approached the bed, sat down on its side and leaned over to place a good morning kiss on my lips. At this point, just by the sweet and soft body scent drifting into my nasal cavity, I could already tell it was Ilianne.

A quite strange feeling of relief ran down my stomach as I nibbled on those soft lips.

“Sorry~ We got up early to prepare some food for the picnic.”

“Oh … you two were making food?”

“It’s just simple sandwiches for lunch, though.”

Ilianne was a little bit embarrassed while talking about it; it seemed like that was her first time ever making food on her own without depending on a servant. I raised myself from the bed, got changed and followed Ilianne to the dining hall for breakfast.

After that, we got on a carriage and departed. When the girls talked to the King about going on a picnic, he allowed it with the condition of taking a whole division of knights with us, despite knowing that me alone was more than enough for protection. It was a funny thing, but I didn’t hate that, it just meant he really loved his daughters—even though to the point of a little bit doting.

Our group advanced towards the East of Revel city and stopped for one night at Yorga—the third largest city in Anartia—then continued to our destination. Though it was mostly our chef that took care of the meals, but once or twice, the princesses also dipped in and make one ore two dishes for me.

We arrived at Kaine Lake on the second night of our trip and set up a basecamp around a big camp fire and enjoyed dinner that way.

The traveling was a bit tiring for the girls, so at night they simply snuggled up to me and fell right asleep. Seeing their happy sleeping face, I was pleased that I made the trip happen and not just empty promises.

In the morning, we got to behold the beauty of nature.

We woke up early to see how dawn came to the scenery, and we weren’t disappointed. The lake was located in the middle of an empty area within a very dense forest—yes, we had to leave the carriage behind with a couple knights and walked to this place. And since the trees weren’t that tall, we could see the blue sky and the mysterious mountain range in the distance.

When dawn came, the lake brilliantly glittered like a mini night sky with thousands of twinkling stars.

“Where do you guys want to set up the picnic?”

“Hmmmm … how about there?”

When I looked at where Julianne was pointing at, it was the oasis in the center of the lake, surrounded by water. Normally it wouldn’t be possible since we didn’t prepare any boat, but since I was there, it was a piece of cake.

I carried Ilianne in my arms and jumped from the shore of the lake straight over to the oasis. After putting her down to the ground, I jumped back to pick up Julianne. Before coming with me, she ordered the knights to leave the area and guard the surrounding. Like that, nobody was left around the lake but the three of us.

We sat under the shade of a big tree on that oasis, spread out a big rectangle piece of cloth, and took our time relaxing.

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