Chapter 15

New home

Next morning, I got up early, had breakfast with everyone and was about to leave the castle when Ilianne stopped me. She wouldn’t let me go if I didn’t take a bag lunch with me; of course I was more than happy to see that so I obediently waited until she handed it to me directly. I left the royal castle in a good mood thanks to the double return safely kisses from the girls.

I didn’t go into the back alleys, but left the city and entered the western forest, then warped to The Center. From there, I paid the entrance fee and entered The Realm. The door let me in exactly where I left yesterday, which was in front of a dense forest.

Of course, I couldn’t waste a single moment for any sightseeing so I proceeded to mow down tens and tens and tens of monsters, collected whatever loots they dropped and entered the forest. There, I ran into some new types of monsters, which were mainly insect-type and reptile-type with exoskeletons and scales as hard as steel. But with my empowered strength and Dragonbow’s cheat-tier arrows, I managed to one shot most of them.

The insect-type monsters dropped disgusting ingredients for poisons while the reptile-type ones provided me some high quality scales that would sell for tons of money at either Merchant Guild or Crafting Guild. I was reluctant to pick up the toxins, but I thought they’d be useful in one way or another later on, so I wrapped them up inside a pouch I made from animal pelt in the past and threw the package into my dimensional storage.

In the same manner, I stormed around that forest, shooting down every single monster that came into sight until lunch. After wolfing down the packed lunch Ilianne gave me, I returned to work and exited the forest on the other side where I was greeted with a desert biome.

Mostly reptile monsters were there so it was a big success for collecting high quality scales.

There was also one interesting thing I found—cactuses. Not just any cactus, gigantic cactuses. When I used a black arrow to slice it in half—yes, I could materialize an arrow and take it by hands—I found a blue marble in its core. When I poured magical power into the marble, it glowed and produced water.

You may think that this thing just said screw laws of conversion, but in reality, in didn’t. Everything in this world is made out of mana particles, a current of mana particles makes up that thing we call magical power.
The marble itself was a magic stone which constructs mana particles into matters, which in this case is water. So the law of conversion was still there; I didn’t just create water out of nowhere.

In any case, it was super useful, so I kept the marble and proceeded to go hunt for more.

By the time my golden credit card turned orange, I obtained around 6 water stones, a huge stash of top-tier quality scales, and 15 magic crystals. I didn’t get to a new biome, but that was alright.

I warped back to The Center, sold only 5 crystals back to Leah to make up the entrance fee, and saved the other 10 for a different purpose.

“Ten more crystals and you’re half way there~”

“That’s true, but I’ll still need 2,000 EP for that . . .”

On top of that, I also needed to buy new grimoires of water magic for Ilianne, she was learning really fast; she’d eat through a thick book of 900 pages in a couple days. Luckily it still took her a lot of time to practice the spells to perfection. Of course, I did warn her about choosing an instructor carefully, not all Court Magicians were nice guys, after all. The grimoire I bought her previously almost caused a huge ruckus because of its rarity; the scary part was that it was only a B-rank, over-the-counter grimoire I bought from a random shelf at The Center. Had it been one of those official A-rank or above secret archives on the second floor . . . boy I couldn’t even imagine how badly would it shake the country.

I’d have to think of a plan to stay inside The Realm longer; maybe a week of hunting nonstop. Honestly, the girls would probably yell at me if they heard me carrying out that type of plan, so I’d have to work out a different method of speeding things up a little bit more than how it currently was.

I didn’t go home right away, but walked around the first floor in hope of running into something useful; I already checked all the shelves in the main lobby where the reception counter was, but nothing really caught my attention.

After around 20 minutes or so, I saw something interesting on one of the shelves in the back. The item was a tiny model of a simple house: one front door, one back door, and two windows. It looked like nothing but a toy house for children to play around with, but the item description said otherwise.

《Dimensional Estate》
(Grade E – Upgradable)
Provides shelter and living space enough for 2 people. Internal space is an isolated dimension, thus everything inside will not be affected by the movement of the item from the outside.
Will not shrink if there are more than 2 living organisms inside.
Price: 550 EP.


I brought the item downstairs to confirm my purchase with Leah, then asked her if I could bring the girls into The Realm with me.

“You may, but they will be forbidden from doing anything but sightseeing. Violations of this rule may lead to you getting banned from entering The Realm for a period of time. Also, they must not become aware of The Center.”

“That’s plausible. I understand.”

“Then there would be no problem~”

If people were to take their buddies into The Realm and ditch the entrance fee, that’d be quite bad. That’s why to prevent people from abusing items like this Dimensional Estate, rules like what Leah mentioned just now was made and I think it wasn’t a bad thing.

Since I was saving up for a lot of expensive items, I didn’t spend any more EP on random things. Apparently, that giant Jackal Wolf I killed was actually in its early stage of S-rank, thus killing it gave me 1,000 EP—which wasn’t that much compared to my goals, but at least it was enough for me to buy this dimensional estate.

I warped back to Anartia and decided to head over to Winlet village.
When I showed up and shamelessly asked for more Tinsley tea, Alicia laughed at me, but she gladly invited me in and brewed me some.

“Say, if I provided you Tinsley leaves in large quantity, would you mind making me bring-home tea bottles?”

“I don’t really mind, but do you really like my tea that much? I mean, it’s nothing that special, really . . .”

“Yeah, I’m not joking. Since I don’t know how to make it, I can only ask you to make me some. Of course, if you don’t mind, that is.”

“Fine~ Auntie’s gonna spoil you this time around.”

Alicia smiled at me with a charming look on her face. I still couldn’t understand how her ex-husband could just leave like that. Well, I guess there are men like that, who actually don’t give a damn about women because their priority was already set on money and wealth, or fame.


While we were chatting about Alicia’s Tinsley tea, a painful scream resounded the quiet village.
I immediately dashed outside and found a villager with an arm that had turned completely black, and it looked like the arm was moving on its own.

“This is terrible, he probably got bitten by a parasite!”

“Don’t parasites just quietly possess part of the host?”

“That is true, but there are also many types of parasite, you know?”

“Makes sense. Holy Water should work, right?”

From the look of it, the villager were collecting some herbs nearby when he suddenly lost control over his arm. As pain overwhelmed him, he ran back into the village.

“Rather than that, True Holy Water is the only cure to this, but . . .”

Alicia bit her lower lip as she helplessly stared at the villager’s arm that had turned black. I could understand why she made that face; that village was a remote place in the rural area, I doubt they’d b e able to get any help from the nearest Church. Even if there was a Church inside the village, they’d probably not have enough Holy Water to purify that thing, anyway.

“Don’t worry.”

I tapped her shoulder for reassurance, then walked towards the villager with a possessed arm.

“Wait! What are you planning to . . .”

Probably feared that I would chop his arm off or something like that, panic could be heard within Alicia’s voice.
But I temporarily ignored that and crouched down beside the villager while pulling out a bottle of Holy Water.

The moment I poured the liquid onto that arm, it struggled greatly but I forcefully held it down and continued pouring more Holy Water onto it. Of course, since the guy was just a random person, I didn’t cleanse his arm as carefully as how I washed Julianne’s legs; I just simply poured it on his arm while restraining it.

After 3 bottles, the black color on his arm disappeared as he gained control over his arm again.

“T-Thank You! I . . . I don’t even know how I can repay you . . .”

He said, prostrating while almost shedding tears.
I just patted his shoulder and told him that it was his feelings that actually matter, no need for compensation. Though, I wasn’t that kind of goody two shoes, I didn’t ask for any payment since I knew he wouldn’t be able to afford anything good, anyway.

“We really can’t thank you enough for helping us again but . . . is it okay?”

Alicia looked the empty bottles of Holy Water lying on the ground with a troubled expression—which was perfectly plausible since True Holy Water was beyond the word luxurious to them. Wasting a lot of bottles like that just to cure an arm looked to be incredibly absurd from their perspective.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t be able to get to my current position if I couldn’t manage that much.”

“A ha ha . . . as expected of the Hero of this country, I suppose?”

To my casual shrug, Alicia gave a wry smile.

After that, we discussed a bit more about our future collaboration on Tinsley tea before I took my leave, returning to the royal castle.


* * *


“We’re moving~!”

That was what greeted me the moment I stepped into my room; as usual, the two princesses were hanging out in there doing their own things. The one who made the earlier announcement was Julianne.

“I’m always ready since I don’t have any luggage, but how about you two?”

“We’re also ready.”

“Because we’ve been packing up since early noon, you know~”

And simply like that, the 3 of us exited the royal castle, got on a fancy carriage, then headed towards our new home.
We didn’t have to worry about the princesses’ luggage since the servants already transported all of them to the new mansion. From what I’ve heard from the girls so far, it used to be a vacation house for the previous King to rest after retirement. But he ended up dying while protecting the country from an invasion, so the mansion was never put to use.

Recently, it has been decided that the mansion would be given to the Hero of Anartia as part of the rewards for his assistance during hard times.

I’ve also heard some hints from the Queen that the princesses had been secretly learning how to cook on their own. Things just got more and more exciting.

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