Chapter 12

Two Princesses

Late noon, I held the naked Julianne in my arm on the bed, enjoying the aftertaste of our lustful act. As usual, she looked the most beautiful under the crimson light of sunset.

“Jeez . . . I can’t believe you would actually be that rough to a maiden on her first time . . . it’s still hurting.”

“Well . . . I’m sorry. Kinda lost track of myself for a bit there . . .”

“Hmph! You thirsty youngster.”

“I’m 20 . . .”

Ilianne is 19 while her big sister is 22, so in reality she’s only 2 years older than me.

“Oh well, I’ll forgive you since it essentially means my charm as a woman wasn’t lacking.”

“In the first place, you sisters belong to a whole different tier of beauty of your own, there wasn’t really a reason to not have confidence in yourself, right?”

“Normally, that might be true, but since it’s you we’re talking about, I’m certain that your future women aren’t going to be any inferior to us. Heck, they might make you get bored looking at us.”

“That’s a little too extreme, and you know that I——”

“Even so! I still don’t want it to happen . . .”

“. . .”

The first thought that crossed my mind at that time was, shit did I not show enough sincerity? But Julianne shook her head and buried her face into my neck again.

“You already gave me more than enough affection . . . it’s just that . . . I’ve given up on my life since long, but then you came and . . . and . . .”

When her voice turned a little bit shaky, she quickly raised her body and showered my face, my neck with hot kisses. Somewhere during the process, I could feel warm drops of liquid from her eyes smearing on my skin. I didn’t even need any blessing from the God of Visions to understand what she was trying to say.

Under her usual happy-go-lucky way of doing things was probably just despair. She wasn’t born . . . normal, I guess you could say. Then there was also all the things happened with Rivell Kingdom, but during that time I appeared and gave her a chance of being reborn into a normal human being. OK maybe that was a little bit exaggerated, but I wasn’t too far off from the truth. Basically, Julianne was trying to tell me that she didn’t want to be pushed back into that pit of despair again by the person who pulled her out. However, at the moment there was hardly anything she could provide assistance that could be of help to me, so she resorted to using her body instead.

Honestly, that was quite a simple thought process for someone like Julianne who could see right through people and toy with them in her palm. I wouldn’t say it was just a tough front she put up on the outside, but instead, it would be more appropriate to say her heart’s just more fragile than her mind.

Understanding all this, I could never bring myself to reject this lovely princess.

“I’ll make myself clear that I’m never going to abandon you, even though you may have already seen through me with your special eyes. So you can rest your mind from now on.”

I made sure my tone wasn’t stiff or nervous; it had to come out as natural and confident as possible to calm the extremely unstable Julianne down. She might look like every was fine, but I could tell her heart was greatly shaking. It seemed like the amount of affection I gave her earlier wasn’t sufficient so I’d have to give her more. It would only be possible thanks to Dragonbow for rapidly regenerating my body; a normal human man wouldn’t be able to keep going at it hours after hours.

That said——.

“. . . okay.”

I wrapped her up in my embrace and buried my face into her twin hills, fondling and sucking on them as I pleased. Meanwhile, Julianne let out seductive breaths right next to my ear while she slowly lowered her hips and wrapped her hot flesh around me down there.

Disregarding time, I continued making love to Julianne until she has completely calmed down.

Just when finally finished, a knock resounded from the door and following right after that, was the door itself being opened from the other side.

“Julia, what are you doing? Everyone’s waiting for yo——wha!?”

The person who entered the room was someone we both were familiar with.

“Ah, it’s already time for dinner . . . sorry, I’ll go get ready right away.”

Still stark naked, Julianne separated her body from me after leaving a kiss on my lips. At that moment, I could’ve sworn I saw veins popping on Ilianne’s temple as her face turned redder and redder.

“You two . . . care to explain?”

“Eh? Explain what?”

“Don’t give me that face, Julia!”

“Wait, why are you surprised, though? You two share the same room and sleep on the same bed every night. You should have . . .”

As the last few words trailed off into the wind, Julianne turned towards me with a hah? expression on her face.

“Don’t tell me . . . you guys haven’t done it at all . . . ?”

When Julianne turned around and saw her little sister’s sulking face, she let out a giant sigh and shoo’d me off the bed. Even I myself knew I fucked up big time; I really should’ve made myself clear as day to Ilianne like how I did to her big sister just earlier. But I guess there was no use whining about spilled milk, so I decided to reflect on that and try harder next time I somehow get myself another woman.

“Ilia, this guy smells really bad right now, so take him to the bathroom and take care of him. I’ll meet you in the dining hall later.”


Still having that sulking face, Ilianne turned her heels and left the room right away. I put on my clothes and hurriedly chased after her.


* * *


In the spacious and luxurious but empty bathroom, Ilianne made me strip down to birthday suit again. I didn’t know what she wanted to do next, but looking at the irritated expression on her face, I decided to shut the hell up and did what she said unconditionally.

“What’s with this, you smell like Julia from top to bottom!”

“. . .”

“It’s incredible to think that these two were going at it while I was spending my time diligently studying in the library . . .”

“. . . I’m sorry.”

“. . . really, what the heck! Turn around, I’ll wash you, but there’s no hot water, so just bear with cold water.”

“. . . yes, ma’am.”

After that, Ilianne took off her clothes, wrapped a towel around herself and began washing my body with pure cold water. I could of course take care of myself, but would I dare to raise an objection when she was like that? Nope.

Thousand of thanks towards Dragonbow for empowering my body, else I would’ve flat out died because of that freezing water she poured on me. Incidentally, even though I put Dragonbow into my dimensional storage, it was still connected to my soul and thus could keep lending me its powers.

“Wipe yourself.”

She threw me a towel, changed into her usual clothes and left the bathroom.

I could only obey and quickly dry myself up, got changed then chased after her to the dining hall.

During our oddly quiet dinner, the Queen alternately looked at the light pink blush on Julianne’s face and the glaringly obvious irritation on Ilianne’s face then turned a bitter smile towards me as if saying, do your best to survive tonight!

The King was still carefreely chomping down on chicken wings, though.


* * *


After dinner, back inside our room, I stood facing Ilianne.

“Well, umm, first of all I’ll apologi——”

“For what? Whatever it is I don’t need it! Who even wants your apologies, you cheater! Two-timer! Playboy!”

She snapped and began hitting me with her small fists. It . . . didn’t hurt at all even though she looked like she put a lot of force into it. Honestly she looked cute swinging her fists around like a little girl, but I couldn’t possibly spew that out so I swallowed it back in and let Ilianne vent to her heart’s content.

When she finally got tired of it I gently pulled her towards me and embraced her. Ilianne buried her face into my neck while letting out some complaint-like groans, but no resistance was put up.

“. . . I’m sorry, that was really stupid of me.”

“No, I should be the one apologizing, and let’s leave it there before we start going around in circle.”

“But . . .”

“No buts.”

“. . .”

I took Ilianne to our bed and let her sit comfortably in my lap. I held her in my arms like that and began talking about various things. From what had been going with Julianne, to what had been going with me. She obediently leaned against me and listened to what I had to say. Then of course, I also listened intently to what Ilianne wanted to tell me.

I seemed like when she saw us in Julianne’s room, she got under the impression of me not interested in her at all, since we’ve been together this whole time but I never touched her. Her pride as a young lady got chipped and she got irritated over the fact that she couldn’t seduce a man sleeping right next to her every night, and she just snapped when that guy (me) was making love with her sister right under her nose.

Well, she fully understood that Julianne was my woman, too. But that had nothing to do with her self-esteem receiving some damage and more importantly, it was simply jealousy.

According to Ilianne, that was because we were doing it sneakily like that; if she knew Julianne and I were that intimate, it wouldn’t have been a problem at all.

“Yeah, that was all on me. Though I was helping your sister with her legs all this time, I never showed what kind of feelings I have towards her and kept you in the dark. I’ll pay attention to making myself clear beforehand from now on.”

“Okay . . . then, won’t you put that to practice right now?”

“Hm? Ah . . . yeah, sure.”

“. . .”

Still sitting in my lap, Ilianne leaned against me and looked at me with upturned eyes while she waited for my answer. Guh, that was a deadly hit, how could I possibly say anything mean to this face.

“You see, we haven’t been together for that long, so I know I can’t brazenly declare that I love you or something like that. But what I am sure of is, you’ve become someone precious to me. Both you and your sister.”

I could feel my inner self screaming out in embarrassment, but since Ilianne looked pleased, I was glad I said it.

“. . . you know, I’m glad I made that vow. I may not have the ability to read people like a book, but I do believe in my gut feeling. I’m really glad I brought you to Anartia, you made us whole again, and . . . there’s just not enough words to fully express what kind of feeling I’m having right now, so . . .”

Julianne unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her cute bra and her snow white skin.

When I stripped Julianne she wasn’t wearing any bra so I was surprised for a brief second that this kind of fantasy world had women bras, but it wasn’t the time for that at all so I snapped right back to reality.

“. . . so please allow me to express myself . . . in a different way . . .”

Her face turned redder and redder every passing second, but her hands never stopped removing pieces of her clothing. Watching a young woman’s naked body slowly being revealed bit by bit before me made my blood boil to the point my skin turned a bit red.

“Haah, Ilianne!”

I let out a shaky rough breath before jumping at Ilianne. It felt like all my reasons and self-restraints were removed from my body along with that breath.


I pushed Ilianne down and stared at her beautiful naked body. Just looking at the black rose symbol in the middle of her chest stirred up obsessions inside me.

This woman is mine, she’s all mine.

I attacked her lips with mine, fondled and groped her everywhere I wanted to.

Gently, I turned her into a woman, my woman. Then greedily indulged in her body once she’s gotten used to it.

Not caring about anything else, we spent the whole night making lots of love to one another.

Today sure was one hell of a day.

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