Chapter 11


The week after that night when I purified Julianne’s legs, I spent every noon helping her get back to using her legs again after more than ten years.

But that was something I’ve been doing after every lunch, I still spent my mornings taking care of requests on The Request Board, which saved the Adventurer Guild a lot of troubles so they paid me quite an amount for every request. I also earned a lot of EP from clearing those requests, which I spent on expanding my dimensional storage once, and bought a magic amplifying ring for Ilianne. She was greatly interested in using magic, so I taught her a bit about how I was able to speed up casting speed.

The rest of my EP, I decided to save them up from then on so that I could afford a supreme pendant jewel for Julianne soon.

With all that planned out, I continued to spend my daily life doing the same things without getting bored of it. Today, though, is a slightly special day.
I woke up a bit earlier than usual and came to pick up Julianne instead of having her maid do so.

When I knocked on the door, it was immediately opened from the other side.

“Hm . . . looking pretty good. You feeling OK?”


With a broad honest smile on her face, Princess Julianne stood firmly at the entrance of her room. It was nothing like her staggering figure last week when she first got back on her feet. But before I could even give some congratulating words, she took hold of my right arm and clung to me.

“Let’s go to the dining hall~”

“Yo, don’t start getting ahead of yourself . . .”

I could shake her off, but I honestly was afraid she would fall flat on the ground if I actually did that, so I endured it and accompanied her to the dining hall like that. We took the longer way around so that everyone would have already gotten there by the time we came.

Naturally, along the way, the servants freaked out as they couldn’t believe in their eyes what they were witnessing; that was just how long Julianne had been using a wheelchair to move around.

“Good morning, everyooone~”

Still holding my arm, Julianne pushed the door into the dining hall open and walked right in with steady steps.

“Julia, you’re lat——”

Ilianne was about to say something but she froze. Right after her, the King, the Queen, and a couple more nobles who were relatives of the King also froze. Finally, Julianne let go of me and trotted towards her usual seat. She pulled the chair out and sat down gracefully like how a princess should be.

“Haa . . . show-off . . .”

I let out a sigh and sat into my seat, which was right next to Ilianne. She stared at me with a blank expression.


* * *


“So that’s why you’ve been coming to Julia’s room every afternoon lately . . .”

“Yeah, sorry I didn’t tell you, it was your selfish sister’s idea.”

I made sure everyone was on the same page by the end of breakfast. Since I refused to give any information regarding Holy Water, nobody dared to dig any deeper.

“Haa . . . we owe you another debt . . . at this point, I might just give you the throne . . .”

Hearing the King’s sigh, I briefly refused his troublesome offer.

“No, thank you. Please keep that thing to yourself, just treat me to a luxurious all-you-can-eat buffet and we’re good.”

Even Kings would die because of empty stomachs, you know? That’s why food always come prioritized. As long as they give me free food of high quality, I won’t complain; I’m really not a hard-to-please person.

“We have a really delicious dish called Julianne J. Anartia, care to have a taste?”

The Queen said so with a half-joking tone and sent a mischievous glance towards her eldest daughter. The scary part was that, she was only half-joking, which means she was serious for the other half.

“M-Mom . . . !”

That was the first time I’ve ever seen Julianne blush out of embarrassment. What, this woman can make that kind of face, too? Uhh, it was pretty damn cute, to be honest.

After that, it was a series of back and forth discussions between me and the Queen. In the end, I couldn’t come up with a comeback anymore and lost to her reasoning. They ended up giving me Julianne herself as the reward for curing her legs. Incidentally, I also replaced the emerald stone on her pendant with the Sphinx Soul Piece and miraculously made her barely as healthy as a common person.

There was also one unspoken thing that was decided in the background. The weight of my words within Anartia royalty has probably become at least as heavy as the King’s direct order.


* * *


“Are you heading to the library?”

“Yes, I want to look into some materials on magic in comparison with this.”

Ilianne held out the book about magic I gave her. Of course, it was a fairly rare grimoire I bought at The Center so the quality of the teaching in there was also well beyond common over-the-counter books people can find at local libraries.

“OK, tell me when you’re done, we’ll practice a few spells together.”

“Thank you. Mm . . .”

She lightly pulled me by clutching my shirt and reached up to place a kiss that was a bit different than usual on my lips.

Whoaa . . . the way she kissed me just now, was pretty freaking bold. I don’t remember the timid Ilianne being this bold. Well, not that I had any complaint; if anything, it was amazing.

With that, Ilianne ran off towards the library with a brilliant smile on her face. She seemed abnormally happy, probably because of Julianne’s recovery.

Speaking of our first princess, the moment I separated from Ilianne, I ran into her at a corner of the hallway. She seemed to be walking around, greeting the servants she haven’t seen in a long time, or something like that. From the look of it, she was enjoying herself, so I had no complaints. My only worry was the corrosion of her physical body, I’d need to speed things up on my side a little bit more.

“Oh, are you going to that black board again?”


“It’s . . . not because of money, right . . . ?”

“It’s not. I have plenty of gold coins.”

I owned enough gold coins to keep a family of four alive in one whole year without problems. Besides, considering how I was living inside the royal castle, I wouldn’t ever have to worry about any financial difficulty.

“Then, why do you need to do this?”

“. . .”

I looked around us then looked at Julianne. She made a subtle ahh expression then took hold of my arm, pulling me towards her room in her usual happy-go-lucky attitude. From the outside, it was just the usual thing Julianne would do to me, but in reality, it was a pretty good cover for our behaviors. We wouldn’t want any suspicious rumors about our conversation.

Entering Julianne’s room, I confirmed with Dragonbow that there was nobody listening in or any eavesdropping device or magic.

“Well, I’m trading monsters’ parts with an acquaintance. Once we’ve fulfilled the quota, I’ll be able to get my hands on a more superior jewel for your pendant.”

I couldn’t just tell her about the The Center, so I lied, at least half of it.

“Huh? Why would I need to replace the jewel again?”

“You don’t need to pretend. Even you yourself know that you’re dying, right?”

“. . . . . . haah, so you do know all about it.”

Recently, Julianne’s been able to walk around so freely, but that was solely because of the new jewel on her pendant giving her some boosts to the body. Without it, she woudn’t have been able to even practice walking; she’ll collapse sooner or later if I don’t upgrade the pendant.

“Is that all?”

“So the new pendant jewel you gave me last week, Ilia’s ring, even the Holy Water . . . all of those . . . you went on troublesome requests and dealt with shady black markets . . .”

Well, Leah would cry if you told that to her face, you know? The Center wasn’t really a suspicious place, right? At least, I think it’s not . . . but the part about it being a black market may be true, considering the variety of things they have in stock.

“They’re not really shady, but yeah, I’ve been working on trying to obtain some quality goo—”

My words got cut off my a sudden force hitting my torso. It wasn’t anywhere close to be called strong, rather, it felt soft and warm . . . actually, it was just Julianne hugging me. She buried her face into my neck and let out a somewhat helpless sigh.

“. . . if you keep being like that——”

Her last few words completely trailed off, well, they couldn’t escape my empowered hearing, but the problem was . . . it was a lump of mumblings and I couldn’t make out what she was murmuring at the end there, anyway.

“Like . . . what?”


I got lips-blocked while being in a bit of confusion, but since it was a free kiss, there wasn’t any need for unnecessary resistance; not like I forced it on her or anything.

However, a new problem arose when she began leaning forward, pressing her whole body weight against me for a really deep kiss, resulting in a situation where she kept pushing forward while I had to slowly move back while carefully holding her; I didn’t dare to put too much force back against her—it’s the weakest woman in this castle we’re talking about, that’s why.

Before I knew it, the back of my knee hit the side of her bed, I lost a bit of my blance to the momentum and fell, landing my behind on the bed. And since I was holding Julianne, she fell with me also.

“. . .”

“. . .”

To avoid our heads colliding, I tilted my head a bit to one side and laid my back on the bed so that her head would touch the soft bed instead of hitting mine.

We both lied on top of the bed with our body piled up, gluing to each other. The sensation of her warmth and her scent felt almost like alcohol to me; I could totally get used to getting drunk with this.

“You’ve been doing a lot for our sake, huh . . . both Ilia’s and mine . . .”

Julianne lifted her head from the bed, brushed her hair to one side and whispered that to me while staring into my eyes at almost point-blank range.

“. . .”


“I do whatever I deem right. Reasons are just excuses.”

“That’s too irresponsible.”

“Well . . .”

I couldn’t argue with that, but I didn’t avert my eyes.

“A good example would be me right here.”

“An example, for . . . ?”

“Your irresponsibility.”

“. . . really?”

“Yes. It may be a bit different with Ilia, but you don’t even feel that way about me, right? But you went ahead and made me become like this, anyway.”

“I mean, well, you are a princess, a really pretty one at that, so putting it that way is a little . . .”

“Pfft, are you an idiot? It’s too late to say things like that already. Right now, I don’t want any other man, I can’t go find myself a husband anymore, my parents even gave me to you. You’re having every inch of me in your possession, if you haven’t realized already.”

“I am well aware, though.”

“You knew and you still went ahead and do all sorts of things that would make my heart all tingling, then when I asked you why you said it was just because?? How do you intend to take responsibility? Or is a maiden’s heart nothing but a play thing for you??”

She pressed a rain of questions—and her boobs—against me with a smile that I couldn’t read while running her fingertips on the skin of my face and my neck.

Since it was Julianne, I’m pretty sure she already looked into my heart and understood that I never meant to toy around with her or Ilianne; she probably just wanted a firm confirmation coming out from my mouth.

“Alright, seeing how one of my princesses is sooo anxious right now, I guess I just need to show it to you.”

“Hehe . . .”

Saying so, I circled my hands around her back, held her carefully, then rolled over, pushing her down on the bed. I immediately pressed my lips against her and devoured that sweet taste greedily.

Without haste, I removed her clothes layer by layer and groped around her body, enjoying the sensation to my heart’s content.

On top of not resisting one bit, Julianne threw herself at me and erased the last bits of reasons in my mind.

Our lustful thirst for each other came together where our bodies connected.

I’ve never been a person who’s great with words, so I hope my answer was conveyed to her properly . . . even by the most carnal way.

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