Chapter 10

Holy Water

When I returned to my room, Ilianne had already gone to the library to study so I took the opportunity to transfer straight to The Center.

“Welcome back~”

The familiar voice of the reception woman Leah immediately greeted me, the same smile on her face as usual.

“Good day.”

“You came here for the Holy Water bottles?”

“That’s correct. But I think I’m gonna need a space to keep them, too.”

“If that’s the case, then you should check out the first floor above us.”

I did as Leah said and took the staircase to the floor right above us. There, similar shelves to the ones in the main lobby downstairs were organized neatly, each shelf packed with all sorts of items. Nothing was unusual.

Since the reception lady told me to come check out a specific shelf in the middle section, I went there and took a look at the item list.

“Oh . . . I indeed need this thing.”

《Dimensional Storage》
Provides a closed empty space of 2 squared-meters, isolated from any other unique dimensions and accessible only to the owner, for storage purposes.
Extensions of at least 1 squared-meter can be purchased, up to a total of 10 squared-meters of extra space.

The item itself was a white cube with a single button on one of the flat surfaces, the size was probably around as big as a rubik’s cube. And yes, it was something like an Item Box in RPG’s; pretty typical stuff in this kind of fantasy setting. While being generic as it may, it’s just simply convenient enough to erase any complaint. With this thing, I wouldn’t need to go around making handcrafted pouches or bags anymore.

The cube cost 1,200 Exchange Points, so it left me with 1,000 in my golden credit card.

At the counter, Leah activated the cube, input my information in it and had me press the button. The cube immediately expanded into a cubic shaped room and quickly turned trasparent, and faded away completely.

“Do you remember how to access it?”

“Yes, I do . . . like this?”

I made a small hand gesture and a window only big enough to put my hand in opened up in mid-air. Beyond that tiny window was jet-black empty space only, but when I put my hand inside, I could feel a vast empty room on the other side. And since it was something interdimensional, I could reach to any corner of this storage room simply by controlling the initial coordinations where my hand would appear inside it.

“You’re a quick learner. This thing normally takes people a lot of time to get used to using.”

“I guess I have really high adaptivity.”

After that, I went ham and purchased 2 out of 3 shelves of Holy Water bottles, which amounted to around 120 bottles the size of your typical purified mineral water bottles. I jammed all of them into my dimensional storage after paying Leah 600 EP. With 400 EP left on my hand, I walked around the first floor where I found the dimensional storage to check out other items.

I must say, a lot of those items were really useful, but I couldn’t afford most of them, they were a lot more expensive than the ones downstairs. I guess I’d have to earn more points if I wanted to buy more stuffs here.

Then, randomly, I found a shelf stacked full of jewels; they came in many shapes and sizes but they were all really well processed gems. When I asked Leah about it, she told me that the emerald gem on Julianne’s necklace pendant was actually replaceable and the jewels on that shelf were for that purpose.

It wasn’t a bad idea to give Julianne’s necklace an upgrade, because of her body condition, so I looked through the list of all the jewels on that shelf and found a pretty good one with the same shape. Well, it the shape was different I wouldn’t be able to fit the new one into the pendant, would I?

《Sphinx Soul Piece》
(Small) Overall body strength boost.
(Small) Magic amplifying.
(Medium) Stamina recovery boost.
(Small) Overall resistances boost.

According to Leah, this kind of ore often forms in the environment where a Sphinx lives. It’s a mythical being, it always emits some sort of aura, and when this aura soaks into its surrounding, a special type of deep blue colored ore called Sphinx Soul Stone is born. This kind of ore possesses tremendous capabilities in holding magic formation, that’s why they could stuff various kinds of magical buffs inside it.

The way this thing works is pretty simple. The jewel in the pendant contains magic formations, and the necklace itself is an activator that constantly gathers magical power from nature to fuel the magic formations within the pendant. That way, wearers can always receive the buffs, unless either the pendant or the necklace gets destroyed.

With all that being said, it was worth the 300 EP I spent on it; other jewels on the shelves were mostly below 100 EP, but some of them actually cost 2,000. I couldn’t possible afford that so I bought the one with a reasonable price; I wanted to see how well it works then would proceed to purchase a better one if it turned out not effective enough. You’re not allowed to return anything you purchased at The Center, so I’d have to buy a whole new one when that time comes.

“You really are taking care of that princess, aren’t you?”

Leah teasingly laughed at me while processing my purchases at the counter.

“I guess I’m just a bit of a perfectionist. It irks me seeing work being done halfheartedly.”

If I’m going to help someone, I’ll do it to the bitter end, that kind of thing?”

“Yeah. If this whole thing was out of reach for me, I’d just shrug it off since it couldn’t be helped. But since I knew I could make it happen, quite easily at that, I just had to do it.”

The old man who brought me up had always loved seeing people he helped become able to smile happily, so his tendencies of doing that probably had more or less diffused into part of me as I also tend to do the exact same thing out of reflexes. Of course, what I said about the perfectionist in me was also one-hundred percent the truth.

“In any case, have fun~”

“OK, see ya.”

As I transferred back to my room in Anartia, a question crossed my mind. Have fun? With what?


* * *


“Sooo . . . what brought the Hero of Anartia all the way to my room?”

I stood in front of Julianne inside her room as she sat on the bed, looking at me with a puzzled look on her face . . . probably because of the empty bucket I was holding in one hand.

Honestly, I could have asked a maid to do this for her, but then rumors about me possessing a lot of Holy Water would spread like wildfire and the Church would definitely come picking a fight with me. That would be too troublesome, so I’d rather do all the work myself to keep it simple.

“Ahh~ You see~ I adore Princess Julianne’s beauty so god damn much that I just have to come and ask her to let me wash her legs with this water I have here~”

“Pfft . . . okay~”

She obediently rolled up her dress and revealed her bare legs before me. They were as pretty as ever; not that Ilianne’s legs were any inferior, though.

By showing me this attitude, she probably wanted to say that she already saw right through me thanks to her constitution. The Curse of the Demigod of Vision was giving its best, I see.

According to Leah, the physical world is only but a fragment of everything. That’s why people with the ability to sense stuff beyond mortality usually can’t live well in the physical world.
That curse works based on that concept. She was born with a blessing from the Demigod of Vision, to be able to see through people’s mental state, but because of that her physical body couldn’t fit into the mortal world. And as she grew up, her visions became stronger, leading to her physical body collapsing even faster. Julianne herself probably also knew she’d die young, too.

Hence the reason why it was called a Curse instead of a Blessing.

I asked Leah for the solution for this problem, but her answer was beyond my capabilities at the moment. The best way to stop her from dying faster and faster, is to turn her into a demigod, or even better, a goddess. That was just . . . pure absurdity, I couldn’t come up with a plan for something like that. But Leah provided me a temporary treatment plan, that is to keep nourishing her physical body with things like that necklace and I’d slow the corrosion of her physical body down enough to come up with something. I deemed that being better than letting her die within the next couple years.

I’d need to buy her a new pendant jewel very soon, but that would be a different matter. For now, I’m just going to purify that parasite on her legs, first. That thing has been living off of her special type of magical power for years already.

Pretending like that horrible imitation of a butler earlier never happened, I knelt in front of Julianne and placed both her feet into the empty bucket I brought with me.

Then I pulled a bottle of Holy Water out from my dimensional storage and began pouring it on her left knee, all the way down to her feet. During the process, I ran my hand along her leg in a motion like I was rubbing off the parasite sticking on her skin. Then I soaked a towel with Holy Water and used that to rub her thigh. When the first bottle ran out, I pulled out another one and repeated the process. I kept washing her left leg like that until Dragonbow—which was being hung on my back—whispered into my mind that her left leg has been completely purified.

“Where did you get all these bottles of Holy Water?”

The person herself had been quietly watching me with a greatly interested face all this time, but when I was about to switch over to cleaning her right leg next, she broke the silence.

“Where, I wonder . . .”

“Oh . . . got it.”

She didn’t pry in any deeper than that and kept intently watching me run my hands on her right leg as I pleased. I tried to be careful not to move so carelessly that I’d touch her crotch while rubbing her thigh with the towel, but looking at her face at that time, I doubt she’d even notice if I were to actually touch something dangerous.

It’s good now, was what Dragonbow told me after I’ve used up around 10 bottles of Holy Water; the bucket was nearly filled up. After neutralizing the parasite, the liquid became just ordinary water, so it was okay for me to just use it to water the garden later.

I wrapped a new towel around Julianne’s legs and moved the bucket of water out of the way. I wiped both her legs until they were perfectly dry and put everything to the side.

“OK. Now let’s see the result!”

“I wonder if it worked . . .”

She stared at her own legs with a strange expression.

I must say, Julianne’s image really fits the sunset setting. By the time I finished washing her legs with Holy Water, the sky had already been dyed red, and the figure of her bathing in the crimson color coming from the window was just perfect. She obviously has the same hair color with Ilianne, most of their facial features fairly resemble each other, too. But Ilianne could only be the most dazzling under the morning Sun, while her big sister could only flaunt her beauty during sunset. Should I say it was the miracle of God’s creation?

“We won’t know until we try. C’mon!”

I took Julianne’s arm, circled it around my neck from behind and helped her stand up while holding her waist with my other arm to support her body.

“A-Ah . . . it’s so hard to keep my balance . . .”

She was staggering greatly, but she could certainly move her legs and attempt to walk.

“No muscle pain or anything like that?”

“N-No . . . ahh, it doesn’t hurt but my legs feel so weak it’s hard to move properly . . .”

“Of course, you haven’t used them since forever. Just take it slow. Here, I’ll help you.”

I put a little more force into my arms and carried a part of her body weight for her. And it worked, with less burdens on her legs, it became a bit easier for her to try walking again.

I kept helping Julianne walk around her room until the sky turned dark and pushed her wheelchair to the dining hall to have dinner with everyone. She wanted to make it a big surprise so we didn’t tell anyone about it yet. I do hope she’ll be able to freely walk on her own legs again soon.

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