Chapter 1


Looking around, the only things I could see were trees and more trees. It was obviously a man-made road that is used to go through this forest.

Not only the scenery changed, even my own clothing became fantasy-like with leather armor and a cloak.

“Now then . . .”

It’s about time I test out my bow, was what I intended to say, but then I realized I had no arrows with me. I actually got overexcited when I found out about the origin of the bow that I forgot about this.

I was flustered for a bit, but when I tried pulling the string of the bow to test its quality, something unexpected happened. Black-colored particles began to gather at the space between the string and the handle. After a couple seconds, a black arrow took shape, perfectly loaded and ready to be fired.

When I pulled the stringer a bit more strongly, more black particles gathered and strengthened the arrow even more. Then, when I loosened up, the arrow began to blurred out as if dissolving into thin air.

“. . .  as expected of a legendary weapon, I guess.”

As a test, I readied my stance, pulling the string to its limit. Immediately a black arrow appeared out of nowhere. I also noticed that the arrow had almost no weight and the faster I pulled the string, the faster it appeared.
Aiming at a fruit growing on one of the tree branches, I put 100% focus into my target and my surrounding.

That moment, all my senses suddenly became ultra-sharp. My eyes could see from clearly from hundreds of meters away, my ears could cover a huge radius of picking up sounds. I didn’t know what happened, but I didn’t falter and took advantage of that to ascertain my aim. Then at a suitable moment, I let go of the string and the black arrow soared through the air.

The black arrow had almost no weight, that’s why it flew swiftly without much friction at a crazy speed. Faster than even a blink of an eye, it pierced right through the fruit and dispersed into the air . Half a second later, the fruit began to swing because of inertia and flung off its branch, falling to the ground.

When I picked up the fruit and took a look at it, a clean tunnel dug through it without any rought texture could be seen. It was the proof of how fast and stable the black arrow traveled, which amazed me to no end.

“You really are something . . .”

Staring at the recurve longbow in my hand, I mumbled so while thinking about all sorts of crazy sniping I could do in the future using this. As if responding to my words, the bow suddenly emitted a dim glow while strange textures began to brighten up along the body of the bow. It looked as if someone was carving on it, and if you looked at it carefully enough, you’d see that those carvings were actually drawings of dragons from ancient times.

Slowly, the dim glow emitting from the bow spread towards my arm and in the end, wrapped up my whole body within it. That moment, the feeling of my senses becoming extremely sharp just like earlier egulfed me again. Noticing something, I turned around and punched a tree nearby.


The tree was smashed in half by my blow. It stunned me to see that happen, but at the same time I came to understand the true greatness of this longbow. Not only it provides infinite arrows, it also amplifies its owner’s strength to an absurd level.

After that, I had fun experimenting my own strength.

I kicked trees and smashed them easily, I put strength into my legs and was able to jump more than twenty meters high, I fired a black arrow from 300 meters away and still hit a specific leaf. It made me feel too almighty that it was almost unreal.

Once I’ve fully gotten used to the bow, suddenly the word Dragonbow popped into my mind like an introduction from the bow itself.

“So that’s how you address yourself? Very well, I’m Edward. I look forward to working with you from now on, buddy.”

The dragon drawings on the bow emitted blue light brilliantly in replacement for a handshake. Well, that’s my guess, who knows what did it actually want to say by doing that.

“Hm? What are those noises?”

While admiring my Dragonbow, my empowered hearing picked up a series of noises that came from a group of people dragging their feet on the ground. And judging by the heaviness of the footsteps, most of them seemed to be men.

Turning towards that specific direction, I put more focus into my eyes and looked 200 meters ahead.

There was indeed a group of people moving towards me, along the road I was standing in the middle of. They looked to be returning to a town from their hunt. If I want to find a town, I should walk along this path through the forest.

However, something was wrong about that group of men.

Most of them looked like bandits while 3 other men, who had been restrained by shackles, wore fancy-looking armor. And in the middle of that group was a single young woman of around eighteen years old. Honestly, the moment I saw her with my empowered vision, my heart almost jumped out of my chest; she was just that beautiful. Light chestnut-colored hair, azure pupils and a body figure that could put even magazine models to shame. Considering how fancy her clothing looked, she must be some sort of noble or princess.

“Seems like she’s not doing well.”

Well, duh! Her hands were cuffed behind her back while her mouth was blocked with a piece of cloth. And judging from the bandit-like men’s triumphant smiling faces, they probably looked so proud because they caught a big fish or something like that.

After seeing that much, there’s no need to hesitate any longer, right?

“Let’s show them how you do business.”

Whispering so to the Dragonbow, I raised it up and pulled the string. A jet-black arrow took shape exactly where an arrow should be before firing. Using my empowered senses, I ascertained my aim accordingly to how the wind was moving. Everything’s all set, now I just need to pierce them all.

“Let’s see if you can pierce through three of them.”

I had an image of shooting down three enemies with one arrow in my mind when I released the string.


The black arrow soared forwards with a crazy speed. Even before his eyes could catch on, one of the bandits got his heart pierced immediately. Not stopping there, the arrow continued to tear through two other guys behind him before dispersing into thin air.

I see. I now see how it works.

It all depends on the image I have in mind while shooting the arrow. If I imagined it to pierce more people before it disperses, it would do just that. If I wanted it to explode upon impact, it would explode. If I wanted the arrow to scatter into 3 different directions, it would definitely split up. Just what I would expect from a legendary item.

“WAIT! What happened!?”

Noticing three of their companions suddenly collapsed with a pool of blood coming out from their chests, the bandits began to panic.

Not giving them any spare time, I loaded up the second arrow and fired it towards the head of another bandit; this time, I imagined it to cause a mini-explosion, just enough to blow the guy’s head up.


The moment my black arrow stabbed into the guy’s skull, his head instantly exploded into goo of blood. It caused even a greater state of panic than the last three.

Seizing their chance, the three knight-looking prisoners exchanged glances and began to attack the bandits, hoping to find a way out. However, they were restrained too tightly and they couldn’t do much aside from trying to tackle the bandits, which resulted in them getting beaten up instead. The young woman was also panicking, but she was able to keep herself calm to observe the situation, and she actually saw me from afar while I loaded up the third arrow.

This time, I shot the arrow off into a different direction with a special twisting technique that would make its projectile path curve in. I also combined it with a clear image inside my mind so the arrow flew around and assaulted them from the side just like how I wanted it to be.

My third arrow pierced another three of them to instant death before dispersing into nothingness. There were around five of them left after that.

They took glances at each other and was about to run when my fourth arrow stabbed into one of them at his chest and exploded. The explosion wasn’t big enough to injure the people around him, but caused enough shock to its surrounding. Taking that chance my next two arrow each pierced two bandits and thus completed my total annihilation on that group of bandits.

<Prologue || Chapter 2>


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