Black Arrow

This is an original novel, not a translation. Refer to About page for a bit more details.

Summoned along with the heroes, Edward was sent back home because it was only a mistake that he was called to this world. However, on his way back, he suddenly got lost into a strange place, there he was given a choice to not come home. Making his decision, Edward began his new life in a whole different world where sword and magic dominate over technology.

Volume I: Dragonbow

Hero of Anartia Arc
Prologue – The Extra One
Chapter 01- Dragonbow
Chapter 02 – Agreement
Chapter 03 – Early reunion
Chapter 04 – The Hero of Anartia
Chapter 05 – Aftermath
Chapter 06 – First Princess
Chapter 07 – Chantless Magic
Chapter 08 – Parasite
Chapter 09 – Request Board
Chapter 10 – Holy Water
Chapter 11 – Responsibility
Chapter 12 – Two Princesses
Chapter 13 – Winlet village
Chapter 14 – The Realm
Chapter 15 – New home
Chapter 16 – Kaine Lake

War Against Rivell Arc
Chapter 17 –


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